Bee360 positioned as top performer in SPARK 2021 matrix for enterprise architecture (EA) tools

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions today announced that Bee360 has been named a technology leader for 2021 in the SPARK Matrix™ analysis of the global enterprise architecture (EA) tools market.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™ provides a detailed analysis of global market dynamics, key trends, vendor landscape and competitive positioning. The study provides a competitive analysis and ranking of the leading enterprise architecture (EA) tool vendors in the form of the proprietary SPARK Matrix™. It provides strategic information that helps users evaluate the capabilities of different vendors, competitive differentiation, and market position.

The enterprise architecture tools market is associated with a growing demand for business-oriented enterprise architecture methodologies for strategic business transformation. In addition, there is a growing need to align the architecture of information technology in the enterprise with business strategy. Enterprise architecture tools help improve long-term decision making and find the best deployment option among the many available options on the market. Business-oriented enterprise architecture takes a strategic approach to addressing various actions important to an organization. The application of business-oriented tools leads to time savings and faster control of pipeline projects. Organizations are focused on combining business needs with IT and reliably managing the application portfolio for organizational progress. The increasing use of advanced enterprise architecture tools in various industries will help generate revenue and leverage advanced technology platform solutions for enterprise architecture platform vendors.

The Covid 19 pandemic has impacted the global economy in such a way that companies are facing issues in managing IT resources, leveraging resources, and delivering business results as more and more companies adopt the home office model. For this reason, organizations have begun to adopt advanced tools for developing, modeling and implementing IT management strategies to achieve more productive results. In addition, companies are planning a new action plan for managing their IT architecture to effectively deliver maximum value. They prefer proper maintenance of their architecture through integrations to improve business activities.

The Enterprise Architecture Tools platform plays a key role in minimizing the complexity associated with digital transformation. This platform governs the entire system architecture, including business processes and IT infrastructure. It helps define rules for the processes around the technology used to ensure consistency across business units and functions. As a result, most companies have dedicated enterprise architecture platforms that are integrated into larger IT networks. These platforms help business leaders redesign their company’s business and IT architectures to avoid unexpected threats in advance and compete more effectively in the digital environment.

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“Bee360’s comprehensive technology expands the scope of enterprise architecture management by adding strategic, financial and compliance aspects to the current structural perspective of an enterprise architecture. It also covers the requirements of all functions involved in organizational change and has been positioned as one of the technology leaders in the SPARK 2021 matrix of the enterprise architecture (EA) tools market,” said Shrikant Mahadik, senior analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. “Bee360’s EAM platform supports customers with a tailored offering in terms of on-premise and cloud (SaaS) business function delivery. EAM is an epicenter for enterprise collaboration, extending integration capabilities with all major collaborations by providing software platforms with leading backend systems. With its robust technology platform, comprehensive functional capabilities, and compelling product strategy and roadmap, Bee360 is well positioned to grow its market share in the global enterprise architecture (EA) tools market.”

“What makes us so successful is the success of our customers. Here we would like Uwe Herold, SVP IT at Miele, to share his experience:
‘With Bee360, we at Miele have created a digital twin of our organization. Full visibility into essential business processes and their global usage enables us to plan and manage change initiatives holistically – from strategy and portfolio to enterprise architecture, finance and resource management. The new level of alignment has tremendously improved focus and efficiency throughout the organization. This enables us to move forward with the implementation of our corporate strategy with confidence.’

At Bee360, we are honored to be recognized as a technology leader in the Quadrants SPARK Matrix for EA. We continue to work hard to prove our positioning and help our customers reach new heights.” – Philipp Hansert (CSO Bee360)

Knowledge Brief Spark 2021

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