Digital Twin for Organizations

Immediately capture the impact of change and develop a resilient organization

The Bee360 platform offers comprehensive integration of organizational areas and allows you to map a Digital Twin for Organizations DTO). The integration across different areas, but also levels of an organization enables a holistic and, above all, shared view of what is happening. The common view allows your company to speak a common language for all organizations. Efficient communication ensures high data and thus process and result quality.

Bee360 as a DTO also enables the integration of expert systems, e.g. CAx systems and production systems, to also map the physical world in the Digital Twin. It is this integrated view and the wide-ranging visibility it provides that enables our customers to achieve cross-functional alignment at a whole new level. The increased alignment enables cost-oriented issues to be addressed more efficiently and innovation initiatives for the digital transformation of the company’s own operations to be managed jointly.

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“Holistic Management with Digital Twin for Organizationsn”

Herold Uwe Senior Vice President Information Technology Miele Be360

"With Bee360, we have created Digital Twin for Organizations at Miele. Complete visibility into key business processes and their global usage enables us to plan and manage change initiatives holistically - from strategy and portfolio to financial and resource management. The new level of collaboration has tremendously improved focus and efficiency throughout the organization. This allows us to move forward with the implementation of our corporate strategy with confidence."

Uwe Herold

Senior Vice President Information Technology
Miele & Co KG

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