Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic alignment from portfolio to execution.

Adaptable. Seamless. Holistic.

Get a holistic view of your strategies, portfolios, roadmaps, capabilities, funding and investments. In traditional and agile environments.

Adjust a variable and instantly see the effects, simulated or live. Control your business from a single cockpit.

Bee360 SPM: Closed Loop Portfolio Management from strategy to execution and back.

Define strategies and review strategy alignment in conjunction with your portfolio categories. Break strategies down to initiatives or connect OKRs. Measure what you spend per strategy and category, and review strategy execution. Review upcoming requirements to estimate future expenses.


Review requirements and compliance levels by portfolio categories, strategic initiatives, and legal entities. Create, manage and track the processing of requirements with their priorities, lifecycle stages, responsibilities and tasks through a simple drag and drop process. Use tags to perform custom analysis.


Get a holistic view of approvals, long-term program implementation, goal alignment, schedule and budget variances, and allocation of your innovation budget. Manage innovation and operational budgets and adjust your portfolio accordingly.


Compare the predicted workload to your total capacity and to the current workload as used by your workstreams. Identify capacity constraints or underutilization of individual organizational units. Contact Recruiting and review upcoming HR changes to meet requirements.


Manage their financial goals and organize the division of the budget. Review impact of changes as they compare to AOP and make strategic, portfolio, and individual budget adjustments. Communicate investment ratios and review execution at all levels – down to which cost element is treated how on which project.


Manage your value streams, associated processes, products and agile teams. Define approval workflows for each product that match product maturity and required degrees of freedom. Coordinate by capabilities, functions, and release roadmaps.


Create your central workplace and a single source of truth. Integrate Bee360 right where you work and communicate. Integrate with MS Teams Channels, Jira Issues, Confluence Tasks, and Gitlab Tickets. Integrate with SAP, Clarity, ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, LeanIx, Alfabet, authentication services and many more.


Traditional and New World Side-by-Side.

Bee360’s adaptive approach to strategic portfolio management allows you to manage your traditional and agile portfolios side-by-side for holistic strategy mapping, analysis and management. In addition, you can seamlessly adapt the management modes you choose for your portfolios, for example, if your company is in an agile transition phase. This allows you to effortlessly change project management structures, approval bodies, and the level of control and how a portfolio is mapped and aligned at a strategic level.

Stefan Heizmann_CIO_Heidelberger Druckmaschinen 6

"I can quickly and easily get an overview of the most important key figures and retrieve any details down to the individual project/performance level. This allows me to make qualified decisions at any time."

Dr. Stefan Heizmann

Chief Information Officer of the Group
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

Integrate all relevant units into your architecture


Achieve alignment

Enable control


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