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First office space in the Technology Park

Our first office in the Technology Park in Karlsruhe was just right for our start. Today we are still based here and have exchanged a lot of experience and ideas so far.

Company First Office


First app for employee staffing

Our first software already had a focus on technology, innovation and efficiency. This app enabled users to easily assign employees to different projects and keep track of the resources used. It also provided a clear overview of the total resources allocated. In addition, the release status of staffing for each project could be easily monitored.

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First international experience in Shanghai

We have established a branch office in Shanghai with our first offshore team. We selected two new colleagues from almost 400 applicants in a two-day assessment center. Liangbin is one of them who emigrated to Germany with his family and continues to be part of our team.



Shanghai office

Unfortunately, due to the financial crisis and the subsequent crisis in the automotive industry, we had to close the Shanghai office.

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Gartner publication "Customer Success Story!"

We were first mentioned by Gartner because our customer Heidelberger Druckmaschinen uses our integrated "ERP solution for IT," which addresses the company's entire value chain by linking business processes and master data with IT services and applications. This tool has given the CIO a 360-degree view of IT's contribution to the company's success.



Introduction of our BeerBike's

Since 2014, the famous BeerBike is firmly part of us. It's enjoyable, whether you're a student or a CIO, and provides a unique opportunity to network and talk to each other in a completely different environment, such as at the career fair.

Beer Bike


Gartner mentions

Bee360's first market mentioned by Gartner was IT Financial Management Tools. This was followed by the Hype Cycles for ITSM, Midmarket, Enterprise Architecture, Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a Digital Twin of an Organization, Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools, Market Guide for Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools, Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools. In total, Bee360 was mentioned in nearly 20 Gartner publications.Gartner Clausmark


Sales and People&Culture department building

After we managed to get into the magic quadrant analyst reports and establish ourselves as a market leader, it was time to scale our business and build a sales department. This strategic expansion has enabled us to better plan and drive our growth. At the same time, we started building a team in the People & Culture area. This team should find the right colleagues to reliably fulfill our promises to our customers.

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Bees as biosensor - Bee360 supports apic.ai in OCELI project

The Karlsruhe-based startup apic.ai is working to fight against bee mortality. In collaboration with Bee360 and others, a monitoring system was installed on two colonies of beekeeper Mattias Vetterer. This system tracks the bees that fly in and out of the hives and the pollen they bring in.Bee360 Apic


Geographic expansion & growth despite COVID

Despite the difficult times during the Covid pandemic, we have continued to grow and welcome colleagues from different parts of the world. From the bustling streets of Hanoi to the lively/pulsating cities of Cologne, Düsseldorf and Munich.

2019 All Employees


Foundation of the Clausmark Digital University (CMDU)

After sharing our ideas with analysts over several years, we realized the great benefit of universities in providing access to additional research and highly qualified students. CMDU fosters collaboration between universities, students, our customers and Bee360 to incorporate the benefits of the latest trends into our products:
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DLA (Digital Leaders Afterwork)

We created this event series to bring together digital leaders from different industries in different locations. These events took place in cities like Munich, Hamburg, Karlsruhe (home game) and even overseas in New York. More impressions under:
DLA - Bee360
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20th anniversary in Zermatt

We celebrate our 20th anniversary in Zermatt! A place where the beauty of nature meets adventure and where memories are etched against the breathtaking backdrop of the Matterhorn. Two decades of unforgettable moments and many more to come!Zermatt trip


Annual family event

Our annual family reunion in the Black Forest is a long-standing tradition that takes place just before the summer vacations. The event offers a wide range of activities, including climbing, children's entertainment and, of course, good food and drink. The evenings are characterized by a boisterous party atmosphere and extend into the early hours of the morning. This is an annual opportunity for our families to come together and create memories together.family event


New office space

Our move to new offices at Karlsruhe's main train station means not only a change of location, but also a change in approach to our collaboration. At the same time, it reflects our commitment to growth and adaptability. We have more space, including for various events on our own terrace, a work café and our own fitness room.New Office

January 2024

The development of the brand identity

The first logo

Our first logo represented our professional and innovative consulting services. It was the exciting beginning of our journey as a start-up company.

Logo 1


The second logo

We redesigned our logo to address design challenges, specifically the impracticality of using it as a thumbnail. Our goal was to create a strong and professional brand identity.

Logo 2


The third logo

We have revised our logo to reflect the evolution of our company from a pure consulting firm to one with a product offering. The word "consulting" was intentionally omitted from the logo to demonstrate our new focus.

Logo 3


Current logo

In the course of our development into a single-product company, it was obvious to choose the name "Bee360". Our product was already named "Bee4IT", and both names contained the element "bee". This decision solidified our brand identity, as previously there was no thematic connection between "Bee4IT" as a product name and "Clausmark" as a company name.

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