Tracking system for beehives

Clausmark puts digitized hives into operation

Digitized bees against insect mortality

With the help of artificial intelligence, three young people and their team are fighting insect mortality with their Karlsruhe-based start-up As avowed bee friends, we at Clausmark have therefore decided to support in its endeavors.

The bee is the third most important farm animal in Germany

The value added by the bee amounts to about 265 billion euros per year worldwide. With an estimated 20,000 different species worldwide, bees therefore not only protect our ecosystem, but are also an essential part of our economy. But monocultures, land sealing and insecticides, for example, pose a major challenge to all insects. pursues the goal of saving bees and thus preserving biodiversity.

APIC Bienen

Without analysis it is difficult to say what harms the bees

To get to the bottom of the causes, a camera system is installed at the entrance of the hives.

The camera records all incoming and outgoing bees and the entered pollen. Intelligent software then evaluates the data. Based on the evaluations, beekeepers can, for example, track the food supply of the bees, they receive information about the condition of their bee colony and can use this data to take any necessary steps.

Clausmark supports and has two camera systems in operation itself. The two hives 2.0, which have been equipped with two of these camera systems through our sponsorship, are located in Schuttertal in the Black Forest.