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IPP® Process Playbook for Bee4IT

“IPP® Process Playbook for Bee4IT” – New Approach for Successful Enterprise Architecture Management

The times of increasing digitalization, Industry 4.0 and ever more extensive networking are leading to disruptive changes in many companies.
This poses ever new challenges for companies and their enterprise architecture management. New requirements demand new partnerships between IT and business to proactively support a future-oriented enterprise architecture in the best possible way.

Excerpt from the "IPP® Process Playbook for Bee4IT":

“Normally, IT should support the company’s business, but it is not uncommon for digitization to lead to potential leap innovations (disruptive technologies). Companies must then decide to take advantage of them and possibly change their business model completely, partially or in specific segments. No matter which path the company takes: The strategy and its implementation should be supported by the enterprise architecture.

Technical approach - building IT system landscapes

For many years, the focus of Enterprise Architecture was on the documentation of IT systems, interfaces and technologies. Even today, this is an essential component and often the start of enterprise architecture management motivated by IT. These elements of EA are often referred to as technology architecture, application architecture, and data architecture. In contrast, the business architecture (cf. Section 1.2.2) was usually captured, documented and optimized by other organizational units, often then also in other applications, but ideally with interfaces to the technical elements. The goal of capturing the IT system landscape is transparency about the systems and interfaces used. Only then is structured adaptability of the IT landscape and reliable, long-term planning possible.
Lack of content and integrative alignment, as well as coping with day-to-day business, make it difficult to implement and plan a structured IT landscape and co-creating IT.
Learn more about the approach, the structure and the implementation of an integrative business Enterprise Architecture Management.

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