Bee360 positioned as top performer in SPARK 2021 matrix for enterprise architecture (EA) tools


Quadrant Knowledge Solutions gab heute bekannt, dass Bee360 in der SPARK Matrix™-Analyse des globalen Marktes für Enterprise Architecture (EA)-Tools als Technologieführer für 2021 genannt wird. Die SPARK Matrix™ von Quadrant Knowledge Solutions enthält eine detaillierte Analyse der globalen Marktdynamik, der wichtigsten Trends, der Anbieterlandschaft und der Wettbewerbspositionierung. Die Studie bietet eine Wettbewerbsanalyse und ein Ranking […]

Bee4IT becomes Bee360

Header Review 2020 Beitrag FIN

We say thank you! 2020 was a very special year whose challenges could not have been greater. Nevertheless, it was also a year of opportunity and change.

FOCUS-Business selects Clausmark as one of the “Top Employers for Business2021

Bee360 Arbeitgeber des Jahres 2021

We, Clausmark GmbH, may once again call ourselves a top employer of German medium-sized companies in the field of consulting! Above all, our employees appreciate the ideal working environment, as the ratings on show. In addition, we offer our employees an exciting everyday working life. “…I have a new chance every day to learn […]

Clausmark puts digitized hives into operation

Tracking system for beehives

With the help of artificial intelligence, three young people and their team are fighting insect mortality. We at Clausmark support your project and have equipped two hives with camera systems through sponsorship.

Recording: Efficient IT control at all times, especially in uncertain times

Bee4IT NTT Data

As a CIO today, they are confronted with different requirements. Now that you’ve made the home office workstations available at lightning speed, you should consider how to minimize any non-essential expenses. The business is to be kept stable, the innovative topics are of course not to be unnecessarily undercut by this, …squaring the circle is required of you….

Clausmark – Commitment to nature conservation

Apic Bienen

Our product is called Bee4IT and is a holistic control system for IT. Our product is represented by honeycombs in analogy with bees. Bee4IT covers the management areas Program and Portfolio Management (PPM), Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and Financial Management (FM) via topic-specific honeycombs. These can be freely compiled and create a needs-based, uniform knowledge […]

Holger Gorissen, Director Open Platform at Allianz, says…


Allianz Deutschland GmbH, the leading insurance company in Germany, successfully used Bee4IT to manage its Open Platform Programs (external link) business. Holger Gorissen, Director Open Platform at Allianz Deutschland GmbH, says about Bee4IT: “Thanks to Bee4IT, we were able to set up integrated control and management reporting in Allianz’s Open Platform program in a very […]