Bee360 is named in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for DTOs

We are proud to announce that Bee360 is listed as a representative vendor in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Technologies Supporting an Organization’s Digital Twin. We see this as a confirmation of our path and our customers who use Bee360 for their IT management. Because in order to be able to manage sustainably, a holistically integrated view of the entire IT is necessary – a Digital Twin of the Organization (DTO). Bee360 for Digital Twins of an organization provides this view. It includes not only the enterprise architecture, but also its transformation (strategies, portfolios, projects, etc.), its operation (services, systems, technologies, etc.) and its governance (financial management, GRC, KPIs, etc.).

“Download the 2021 Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a Digital Twin of an Organization 2021 for free here.

Why is there a need for technologies that support a digital twin of an organization?

According to Gartner, “Coordinating interdependencies within and between enterprise digital transformation initiatives is challenging, but key to success. An organization’s digital twin helps enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders prioritize, manage, plan, monitor, analyze and scale complex initiatives.”

About the Gartner Market Guide

You can use a Market Guide to understand how the status of an emerging market aligns with your future plans. Because Gartner has published more than 100 Market Guide research reports, IT and strategy leaders can gain a comprehensive view of many markets, including mature and smaller markets, in an easy-to-read format.

What Gartner says about Bee360's DTO solution

  • Bee360 (formerly Clausmark) is a software and services company that provides an example of how to create a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) for an I&T organization. By combining “The Bee Approach” methodology with the Bee360 platform, Bee360 creates an integrated management tool for operational control of an I&T organization.
  • Bee360 provides a data-driven organizational model with integrated business content for I&T organizations to manage organization, legal structures, processes, value chains, demand, strategies, projects, value streams and services, and KPIs. All of these elements are interconnected and demonstrate how an I&T organization contributes to business value on a daily basis.
  • Bee360’s management areas – Strategy Execution Management (SEM), Program and Portfolio Management (PPM), Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and Financial Management (FM) – are connected via topic-specific honeycombs. The honeycombs can be freely combined and create a demand-oriented, uniform knowledge base for the entire organization.
  • Bee360’s focus is on the Digital Business and Operational Excellence use cases, followed by the Enterprise Performance and Cost Optimization use cases. Coming from an IT operating model background, Bee360’s focus is on the business performance component and agile project and program capabilities.

Learn more about Digital Twins of an Organization (DTOs)

“Get your free copy of the 2021 Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a Digital Twin of an Organization.

” Watch the WeBeenar. “Achieve Holistic IT Management With a Digital Twin of Your Organization” and learn how to implement a DTO with Bee360.

“Read the Whitepaper “At the Organization’s Driver’s Seat with a Digital Twin” by Dr. Corvin Meyer-Blankart and Miele CIO, Uwe Herold, and learn the basics of a DTO and why it is so important.