Apic Bienen

Clausmark – Commitment to nature conservation

Our product is called Bee4IT and is a holistic control system for IT. Our product is represented by honeycombs in analogy with bees.

Bee4IT covers the management areas Program and Portfolio Management (PPM), Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and Financial Management (FM) via topic-specific honeycombs. These can be freely compiled and create a needs-based, uniform knowledge base for the entire organization.

Since recently we support apic.ai (external link) a Karlsruhe-based start-up that uses networked sensor technology, image processing and machine learning methods to investigate the reaction of honey bees to changing environmental conditions.

Currently, data is mainly collected in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area, but the area will be expanded from 2020.
Due to the continuous monitoring of eager flying, our customers will have the opportunity to follow their development on our website from next year. We provide regular information on further research results.